First ever World Samskrit Book Fair 2011 - Bangalore


For those who stay in Bangalore and who has some interest in Samskrit or want to learn Samskrit, here is a good opportunity. Yes, here comes the first ever World Samskrit Book fair. It is being held in Bangalore - National School grounds, Basavanagudi, Bangalore from 7th Jan to 10th Jan 2011.

Am planning to go there, to start learning the language, which I tried in my early days. Why samskrit of all language? This is not the question that you only ask, but many, including my family members. My answer to them is simple. Most  of the manangement books, nowadays, refer to the great epics like Mahabharatham, Ramayan etc., It is better, if you could read in those in the original flavor.

Not only that, Samskrit is being learnt all over the world and is said to be mother of all languages (including Computer languages). I know that in the late 80s and early 90s, foreigners take students from Sanskrit College, Chennai on scholarship to their country to learn the language. Learning this language is for self and not from a job-seeking perspective.

There is an article today (7th Jan 2011) in the bangalore edition of Times of India (you can visit the times of india site and view the e-paper) captioned "For this Britisher, speaking Sanskrit is easy as talking English". We know that Samskrit is being learnt by many in United Kingdom and lot of schools & colleges teach Samskrit there.

There is a village in Karnataka, India, where the people speak in Samskrit. It is a versatile language. Let us try to revive the language, which is spoken in our country.

For more details on the book fair, please visit

Tomorrow is the indibloggers meet and after that am planning to go to the fair. Will blog tomorrow more on the meet & fair.



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