Telangana like incident - Impact on our economy

When the world is looking at consolidation, only Indian politicians can think of disintegration. All done for political mileage or camouflaging the situation. Thanks to the media, the citizens are now aware of what is happening in the country. When the government announced that they will consider splitting Andhra into 2, I was shocked. What an Idea sirji !

What will happen when you have two states in the place of one. Two elections ! If in case the government is minority, it may have many elections! Whose money is spent on these? Our own money.
When we are working on increasing the GDP growth, fighting against economy slowdown, why our hard earned money spent on these petty things. Already the political and government spending are alarming. With such a step, we can expect more taxes than sops!

Few items, which crossed my mind, when I saw that Govt is considering a separate state of Telangana:

  • Already VAT implementation is fought with the existing states and having difficulties. This will add more headaches. Trouble for interstate traders.

  • More IAS required

  • More government spending on running an extra state

  • More opportunities for Employee, Establishment, VAT & Sales Tax consultants to comply with the respective state's requirement.

  • Changing the maps frequently - Students need to know the changes frequently

  • With water & electricity sharing, the states are fighting with each other. So, this will create more problem than a solution.

If it is only a political stunt, it is good that only we lost few crores as of now (protecting TRS chieft during the hunger strike, burning buses, damaging public properties etc.,). Hope no more damage will happen!

Let Manmohan Singh concentrate on the Economy than on the internal politics!



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