Lunar Eclipse on 31st December 2009

There is a Lunar Eclipse on the night of 31st December 2009! What a way to celebrate the New Year.

As per the Hindu practices, people used to stop eating atleast 3 hours before the start of the eclipse. Why? Is it a matter of superstition? or just a practice or has some science behind it? Why people are asked to stop eating atleast 3 hours before the start of the eclipse? Is it to fast and pray to God?

I believe that it is not because of some superstition or so. It is proved scientifically that the digestive power will be reduced during the eclipse and not to give much work load to the organs. If all the food are digested during the eclipse, there is not much work load on digestive side. Digestion is related to the gravitational force.

Just to make sure that people stop eating, elders use the technique of fasting and praying to God, so that out of fear the youngster will adopt this.

All said and done, the lunar eclipse will have an impact on this New Year eve. Those follow the above will not party, as the eclipse ends by 1.00am on 1st Jan 2010.

Hang on....I was writing about the relationship found recently between the Moon phase and the return on Investment? Check it out with the Sensex & Nifty.

Who knows...later on there will be study which will show the relationship between Eclipse and return on investments by some universities, which we will accept. 
Superstition becomes Science, when proved!!!

Cheers & Happy New Year


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