Hurray.....Schumi is back !! Sadly.....Tiger is away !!!

Can't hold myself ! The World Champion turned Consultant is now back to the grid. It is not just a sport. You need to manage the vehicle, plan your moves, take quick decision (in milli seconds), plan your pit stops etc., to make sure you are finishing and that too first!

His management skills on the wheels is known to all. Unfortunately, he is not representing Ferrari. He has signed up with Mercedes. Whatever team he may represent, he is a master in that sport, undoubtedly.

With Tiger Woods endorsements at stake, Schumi may get more endorsements. So many endorsements by Tiger Woods are at stake, if he is not going to play Golf. So, here comes another great sporstman. He has signed for 3 years with Mercedes. Marketing managers and Brand managers would have started working on the endorsements. Let us wait and see.

Welcome back Schumi.


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