Getting connected - Power of Internet !!!

Orkut, Facebook, Linkedin, can add sites to the list ! These sites help people to get connected, socially. During my school, college & start of my career, there were no internet facility or emails. We were working on DOS - not Denial of Service, Disk Operating System. No windows even. Because of that, I could not be in touch with most of my friends (School, College, past employements)

Why we need to get connected? You will realise the power of networking and joy of getting connected to your friends, only when you experience it !

With so many friends and lived in pre-Internet, pre-Mobile era and where telephone at home was a luxury, I am trying all my best to get connected to them. Thanks to the internet and social networks.

Had these sites been there.....we would not have a BILLU (the Barber) or Kuselan movie. The way the friends unite after a long time was really touchy.

Till date, I have created so many Yahoo and Google groups to stay connected to my classmates, colleagues of past employment and feel very happy for that. Though networking is my passion, connecting to people whom you know is a pleasure.

In a recent incident, yesterday, my ex-colleague (Siva) sent me a request to connect with me in Linkedin. It was a pleasant surprise, as I was looking to catch hold of my ex-colleagues and could not get much success. From yesterday evening to today, we got connected to about a dozen of our colleagues in that organisation!. I have created a Yahoo group for us, so that we don't get disconnected.

I was searching for a close of mine (who was my CS batchmate) for a long time and found him after a gap of 8 years through Linkedin and we are now united through a group along with out batchmates.

I have created a group in Linkedin for my schoolmates and have many joined (though only 2 from my class). But am happy that we have a professional school alumni in Linkedin.

Friends, be in touch and don't forget to send atleast a mail in a month (it can be a email forward or a special note) to your friends (including me !), so that we can feel the warmth of friendship.



Anand Nataraj on Oct 28, 2009, 11:41:00 PM said...

Dear Gopal,

Yes I’ve experienced it and can understand how it feels…

Also you must specify how it helps to gain new friendship like ours which was also because of Linkedin without which we would have been strangers.

I remember my mother applied for a telephone connection with BSNL during 1993 and we got the connection by 1998.

I had a feel like I was in cloud. But true world has moved much faster in this decade because of internet and will move even quicker in coming days.

I’m happy for you, for getting connected with your old friends.

Long live internet and long live social networking.

Thank you,


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