I just realised that I have made so far 49 postings in this blog and want to dedicate this 50th post to YOU ALL. I feel really happy and thankful to you all for the support and guidance all throughout this 9 months. Of late, I have made it a point to make regular postings to the blog.

The statistics is as follows: 
  • First Blog Posting : 25th Jan 2009 on IFRS
  • Visitors so far : 5800+
  • Indiblogger ranking - 73 (higher the better). Was 49th earlier.
I get lot of mails on Stock Market. So, you can see more posting on that. With the IFRS getting the attention, you can expect more on IFRS in this space.

I could see from the clustrmaps (visitors locations) that I have friends in more countries. The following are the list of locations of the visitors (from 30th Sep 2009, when I added this gadget), in the order of highest number of visits to lower number of visits:
  1. India (IN)
  2. United States (US)
  3. United Kingdom (GB)
  4. United Arab Emirates (AE)
  5. France (FR)
  6. Singapore (SG)
  7. Vietnam (VN)
  8. Slovakia (SK)
  9. Belgium (BE)
  10. Canada (CA)
  11. Germany (DE)
  12. Norway (NO)
  13. ussian Federation (RU)
  14. Ireland (IE)
  15. Korea, Republic of (KR)
  16. Kuwait (KW)
  17. Oman (OM)
  18. Philippines (PH)
  19. Malaysia (MY)
  20. South Africa (ZA)
  21. Saudi Arabia (SA)
  22. Taiwan (TW)
  23. Asia/Pacific Region (AP)
  24. Israel (IL)
  25. Australia (AU)
  26. Japan (JP)
I thank you once again for your support, without which I would not have got into blogging and becoming an addict. Special thanks to Anand & Bala for forcing me to blog my thoughts (which is the caption for this blog), Raghavan for chasing me to post, Sendil & Yashoda for keeping a tab on my posting and encouraging AND YOU for giving valuable comments and feedbacks.

With more and more requests coming in, it makes me to read a lot before posting.



Anand Nataraj on Oct 28, 2009, 11:35:00 PM said...

Dear Gopal,

Can’t imagine how days run. Itz been 10 months since we met first and the way our friendship has evolved. It is so nice of you to give credits to us every time you specify about your blogging.

But the point is to share knowledge which would be helpful for someone. We are glad that we have been a source for this world to get great thoughts of yours through your Blog.

Keep it up and my wishes for you to go miles with your blogging.

At this occasion I’d recommend you to have your own blog. You will have your own brand value.

Thank you,


Gopal Ramanan on Oct 29, 2009, 10:24:00 PM said...

Thanks Anand for the nice words. Sure, I will have a site for me. Will bug you for the design :-)

Raghavan said...

This is a great achievement Gopal!! Keep rocking. I will resume my blogging with the next opportunity.

All the best for the Century...:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, all your 50 postings have value in them. Quality also matter much in blogs. Expecting more knowledge sharing in the days to come. warm regards, ramesh.

Sendil on Nov 8, 2009, 6:50:00 PM said...

Way to go ...... Congrats Gopal on 50th posting, in such a short span of time, maintaining consistency with respect to time & bring in various flavor of knowledge ......

Blogosphere was a totally a new experience to us ... thanks to you for sharing / writing your thoughts .......

Now its become habitual to look forward for your writing as a you give a spectrum of info/ thoughts ...... to give wider horizon of view points

Statistics about blog view shows, that are lot more out there too enjoy your writing as us ........,

Looking forward to your 100th post.... will stay connected ....Keep blogging ....

Time to celebrate for reaching one of the milestone .. :-)

Sendil & Yashoda

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