Human Resources Management - A Chinese Perspective

Today (19-Jan-2011), I attended a session organised by NIPM, Bangalore Chapter at Hotel Woodlands.

The speaker and the title impressed me and forced me to attend the session. The title is "Human Resources Management - A Chinese Perspective" and the speaker - Mr.Lin Bo (VP - Human Resources - APAC, Exide Technologies).

For the first 20 minutes, Mr.Lin Bo was presenting the Chinese economy, on how they were and got to the open world in the 90s. It was nice to see someone presenting rather than reading it from the net or book. He was really good at presenting the topic. 

He started with the Chinese-Indian connection. Anyone in China who is 40+ years will know India by a movie - Awaara. He said, this movie is liked by most of the population. He also said about the movie Caravan. I can vouch for this, as our Bollywood movies are hit in China. When I was there, they were talking about Threee idiots, AR Rehman, etc.,

He then compared the Chinese economy and the Indian economy,, especially the  areas like geographical, population, number of states, languages, dialect, policies etc.

After this, then he presented a slide on the cities, which contribute to the growth of the economy. We all know that in China most of the industries & services are run by the Government. The numbers presented was really stunning. The State Owned Enterprises govern 66% in terms of the numbers and contribute to about 80% of the Profit. It is obvious that they are well managed, people are productive and also that the government is monopoly and can fix the price.

He came later to the topic of Human Resources management.

He said the labour laws of 2008, labour cost,legal compliance were the major labour related issues that are faced today in China.

The big challenge is retention & talent management. High turnover at top level is a concern for MNC. People prefer State Owned Enterprises. 

With the population control in place (one child per couple), the country is facing labour shortage in various industries. Due to the Generation Y, there are no takers for agriculture, high labour oriented industries like construction etc., With the growth of Tier 2 cities, the population is moving towards the cities. This is nothing new to us, as we too face it in India.

Then the floor was open to Q&A.

The meeting ended thanking Mr.Lin Bo for taking his time out.

It was a good session for me in terms of learning something new on economy, HR and about our neighbor.



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