Another day in ICWA Institute - This time on IFRS

Last Monday I gave a presentation to the members of ICWAI - Bangalore Chapter, on how to go about the IFRS implementation. This was arranged as a Professional Development meeting.

I was really thrilled by the following:
  • The Institute president Shri.G.N.Venkatraman presided over the session
  • There turnout was really good. Nice to see many members interested in the topic.
We were informed that Shri.GNV was on board of NACAS and the Institute is actively working on the IFRS.

Shri.GNV gave an update on the latest happenings in the Institute. He invited the members to be more participative in the IFRS journey and the professional development. Shri.GNV already set the context of IFRS implementation in India, which made my job easier, as I could directly jump to my slides, without spending too much time on what the IFRS is all about.
I decided, in the interest of time, to present the slides and then take the Q&A at the end. I have seen in many meetings, small questions drag the time and finally important discussion points will be missed out or just being rushed (or just read by the presenter).

I covered the presentation covering the following areas:
  • What is IFRS
  • What is the current scenario in the countries already implemented
  • What is the scene in india
  • How to plan the transition
  • Challenges
  • The opportunities for the preofession
The presentation was well received and appreciated. There were lot of good questions, which I answered to my best and to the satisfaction of the person asking the question.

It was a good session and I really enjoyed. My friends, Satish and Raghavan was with me during the session.

Not only I got 1 CEP credit hour, but got a lot of satisfaction that I ignited the minds to get into IFRS soon.



Premnath Murthy said...

Gopal - I was at the meet! Good capture of the proceedings - did not know you blog too!

Best wishes, and warm regds

Premnath Murthy

Raghavan said...

Gopal - It was an interesting presentation and guess covered the basics well.


Ramanan said...

Another feather in your cap, Gopal. Keep conquering - Ramanan

Anonymous said...

Is is possible to share the materials and also guide me where I can get more materials on IFRS?
Regards, Tiwari

Gopal Ramanan on Apr 2, 2010, 4:11:00 PM said...

Thank you all for your valuable comments. For those who need the presentation material, please do mail to
Premnath Murthy - Could you share your mail id with me. You can send a mail to


sri on Apr 3, 2010, 12:22:00 PM said...


Make such a presentation in Chennai. Give me your Date, will organise with good crowd.


Premnath Murthy said...

Tiwari - E&Y site has a lot of good material on IFRS adoption in India, as well as a good foundation on comparison between IFRS and I-GAAP. There are tons of other resources on the web.

Gopal - I have emailed you a short while ago.


Nit on Apr 6, 2010, 9:26:00 AM said...

Sir, Are you going to write more on IFRS? Eagerly waiting for it.
Regards, Nitin

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