Go Green.....Gardening & Oraganic vegetables at home

Today, I was chatting with my colleagues in the cafetaria. To my surprise, I found that most of them are interested in organic foods, growing vegetables in their places. One has already attended a course on organic forming, conducted by a foreign NGO.
The topic started over a cup of tea. They asked me why I take green tea and which is the good brand. My interest level in the dicussion went up, inspite of the people cheering Shewag for his half century. I started expalaining what a Green Tea and how it differs from the normal tea.

Slowly, the topic changed and one of my colleagues mentioned that he attended a day long training program on organic farming, preparation of organic manure at home. What was interesting is that there were many participants in their early 30s, who attended and shared their experiences in growing vegetables in their terraces. The more interesting part is that they are all techies, working in MNCs. They are getting good vegetables at their home and when in excess, share the same with their neighbours. The vegetable inflation has not bothered them and they are smiling at the inflation.

When I started saying that I am growing Tomato, Mint, Palak, Ladiesfinger, Onion, Lemongrass, Wheatgrass apart from the flowing plants in my balcony, they disengaged themselves from the cricket match and started listening to me.

Lot of ideas came out during the discussion, on balcony and terrace gardening and preparation of manure for the plants at home, without any chemicals.

Will share the growing of some good plants inthe balcony in the coming posts.

Let us go Green, plant our own vegetables, save the economy and improve our health.



SN on Feb 25, 2010, 11:34:00 AM said...

Hi Gopal,

This is indeed a great way of enriching oneself (the higher nutrient levels in self grown vegetables is a bonus) and one's own enviromment ... and of all ...holding onto the money that we would have paid out for the ever inflating prices of vegetables.

Also, a great hobby to have ... and a way to unwind from our hecic lives....
Life is much much more than just working for 12 hours in a corporate world !


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