Stock Market reaction to Budget

With an 2 hours to go for the budget, the stock market is raring to go. Many pundits say the market will crash. But i feel, the market to be range-bound around 4850 levels.

Whether the market goes up or goes down, play safely.

If the market goes down steeply, go ahead and buy good stocks, as every steep fall is a good buying opportunity.

If the market goes up, it is a good sign. If you have any open position, book profit. It may go up to 4920 levels.

April is crucial, as many publish their 4th quarter results.

All the best with your investments.

Any one wants to watch the budget live in office or where you dont have a TV, you can watch it in the net (



Anonymous said...

Excellent, you are better than the persons in the market. You predict very well.
Regards, Rajesh.

Anonymous said...

You were right Gopal. I was wrong. The budget was not so bad to warrant a crash.

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