Stock Market to open early at 9.00am from 4th Jan 2010

Good or Bad, the stock markets (BSE & NSE) will open at 9.00am from 4th January 2010. This is a clear 56 minutes ahead of the current opening time.

This is made to have an overlapping time with the Singapore Market. Also, on the cards to extend the closing time to 5.00pm.

There are so many PROs and CONs for the extended trading hours. The reaction from all is Mixed. Brokers feel that:
  • it will put tremendous pressure on the traders & dealers
  • the banking infrastructure is not geared up - to fund the margin for F&O
  • dealers need to travel early to reach office.
  • there is no other specific reason for the new timing

The broker association has filed with the FM office to defer the idea of starting at 9 am.

I feel that the market will be bullish in the months to come and stay invested!



sendil on Jan 2, 2010, 5:08:00 PM said...

Hi Gopal!!!

Congratz on your 75th posting.... Good luck.....


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Very Happy New Year to you.

Can you suggest some good investment plans for the year 2010. You can also give us some good shares to buy.

Kind regards,

Gopal Ramanan on Jan 3, 2010, 10:43:00 AM said...

Happy New Year to you Ramesh,

This is just a blog to share my views and the news I read. I am not a consultant to advise on Shares to Buy & Sell.

I can suggest some sectors for investments in my next blog. I am studying them and will post in the coming week.


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