100th Post & Completion of 1 year of blogging.


Thanks to Sendil (can say my statistician), who reminded me that I am due for my 100th posting and that can coincide with the completing of 1 year of my blog.

Yes, my first posting was on 25th Jan 2009. Time flies and today the blog is 1 year old and here is my 100th posting. I thought I won't achieve this milestone of 100 in 1 year. But thanks to the holidays, am able to spend time for blog.

Anand & Bala will shout at me for mentioning their names again. But, at the cost of their shouting, I would like to thank them for kindling my interest in writing a blog. Thanks buddies. I cant refrain from mentioning this.

Ashok and Raghavan are also a source of inspiration and keeps a tab on my posting and give regular feedbacks.

What is so special on this occasion? Nothing special, but I wanted to print all my postings and give a copy to my parents. They have not seen my blog. They will be really happy to see this. I want to enjoy seeing them happy.

I am indebted to all my friends, wife and parents, who have stood by me and forced me to achieve this.

I take this opportunity to wish all my friends a Happy Republic Day. Blog itself is a way of freedom to express one's thoughts. So, let us celebrate our status of a Republic country.

Jai Hind,


I am asking Sendil to click this post for publishing. When I write this, he is not aware of this. :-)


Anonymous said...


Nice to see you achieving the 1st mile stone and my heary congratulations and wishes to you to continue this for ever.....

Appreciate your efforts on higlighting areas that a common man would be interested in day to day life and also in a simple & understandable language.

Keep Rocking....


Gopal Ramanan on Jan 25, 2010, 7:18:00 PM said...

More than achieving this milestone, i was thrilled by the celebration by and the gifts from Ashok, Sendil & Yash. Thank you all. For the benefit of other friends - I was gifted the following books by my gifted friends:
a. Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation
b. Criminology
c. Understanding Psychology
d. Web Designing (Think, i can change my line of profession)
e. Quick guide to web writing

Why these will be knowing soon.

They have arranged to deliver a cake to celebrate this occassion.

Thank you friends for following me so closely.


Raghavan said...

Kudos Gopal!! Amazing determination and a great achievement indeed. Each of your blogs were really very educative...and I am sure all your readers have benefitted a lot from it.

Keep rocking and wish you good luck to reach the double century !!

All the very best!!

Santosh Puthran on Jan 26, 2010, 6:58:00 PM said...

Kudos Gopal. Your blog is informative and lively.

Keep it up.


Santosh Puthran

Anonymous said...

Excellent ! Recently i notice that you are posting a lot. I am sure that you will post more and more for our benefit. Your simple language and explaining complicated areas in a lucid manner is a gift to us.
Regards, Ravi

Bala on Jan 28, 2010, 10:19:00 PM said...

Dear Gopal,

I couldn't believe that you have thanked us in your blog. Thanks for the honour.

We are sure that your blog content impresses your readers (including me) to a large extent.

Keep up the good work going !!


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