What the CEO Wants You to Know - by Ram Charan

This is a wonderful book, which talks of the fundementals of a business, either small, medium or large.

For those who are running a business, they may be knowing the fundementals of the business - how to run, advertise and face the everchanging situations.

This book is for the new generation entrepreneurs, middle level managers who are aspiring to go up in the corporate ladder.

Ram wants the corporate executives to break the sylo mentality and look at the bigger picture on how the business works. He talks about the business acumen one need to have. The concepts of velocity (asset & inventory), Cash generation, margin, growth, how to understand the customers, social operating mechanism etc. was explained very well.

He has shared the experience of Ford, Walmart, GE, GM etc., which are really an experience a manager looks for.

The book was written in a very simple manner comparing the big businesses of the world and the normal street hawker. Both does the same universal law of business, but the magnitude differs.

Suggest this for any entrepreneurs and business managers.

Author     - Ram Charan
Publisher  - Crown Business, New York



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