Weekly Digest 16 Nov 09

  • Public sector banks roll out the red carpet for MBAs
  • Understanding how hedging works!
  • Bill Gates, Warren Buffett on surviving the fin crisis
  • India to be $2-trillion economy by 2014-15
  • SFIO to begin Satyam prosecution soon: Khurshid
  • Domestic BPO mkt to touch $6.82 bn by 2013: IDC

Public sector banks roll out the red carpet for MBAs
When he took over as the chairman of Union Bank, M V Nair was one of the youngest entrants to the corner office of a public sector bank. So it’s natural that Nair didn’t think twice before rewriting the rules of the recruitment game for his bank.
In his hunt for talent from the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), Nair offered a 12-year fast-forward for young graduates -- direct appointment as a Scale III officer (at Rs 5 lakh plus other substantial benefits). That's a game-changer for public sector banks which tend to set great store by seniority to move up the corporate ladder. CLICK HERE TO READ FURTHER

Understanding how hedging works!
Risk and Returns go hand-in-hand. When we look at high returns, the danger of risk is quietly lurking underneath, ready to pounce at a slightest miscalculation. Hedging refers to a method of reducing the risk of loss caused by price fluctuation. An example of a hedge would be if you owned a stock, then sold a futures contract stating that you will sell your stock at a set price, therefore avoiding market fluctuations.

With an increasing number of people becoming interested in finance, it has become important for people to understand financial terms, jargon etc. Let’s take a look at one such term which is encountered by individuals who frequently dabble in the stock markets - Hedging. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett on surviving the fin crisis
Despite the financial crisis, former Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft, and Warren Bufffett, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway, say America's economic future remains robust.

The two richest men in the world, who are also good friends and business partners, came together at the Columbia Business School to talk about the future of the American economy. Here's Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on surviving the global financial crisis and the lessons from it. CLICK HERE TO READ FURTHER 

India to be $2-trillion economy by 2014-15

India will be a $2-trillion economy in the next five years as its GDP growth is likely to average at 12 per cent in nominal terms powered by a huge consumption demand, Enam Securities has said.
"India's GDP is likely to grow at (an) average 12 per cent in nominal terms. Hence, India will be a $2-trillion economy by 2014-15," Enam Securities head-research, Nandan Chakraborty, and economist Sachchidanand Shukla said in a report titled 'India Strategy' released on Monday. CLICK HERE TO READ FURTHER.

SIFO to begin Satyam prosecution soon : Khurshid
The government said on Monday its serious fraud probe arm SFIO will start prosecution proceedings against Satyam founder B Ramalinga Raju and others this month, as there was sufficient evidence of their involvement in the over Rs 10,000-crore (Rs 100-billion) scam in the IT firm.
"During this month, the SFIO will begin prosecution on those or those areas of company laws that the SFIO is expected to and have been authorised to proceed with," corporate affairs minister Salman Khurshid told reporters in New Delhi.  CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER READING

Domestic BPO mkt to touch $6.82 bn by 2013: IDC
BPO industry would evolve from just running isolated processes for customers to engaging more deeply in identifying and transforming core business processes

After establishing itself as a major player in the international business process outsourcing (BPO) market, India is now set to shift focus on the domestic market, which is projected to grow at over 30 per cent annually. CLICK HERE TO READ FURTHER



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