Felicitation to the newly elected President & the Vice President of ICWAI

On 8th August 2009 evening I was invited by the Bangalore Chapter of the Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) to felicitate the newly elected President of the Institute Shri.G.N.Venkatraman (GNV) and the Vice President, Shri.Brij Mohan Sharma. The newly elected team at the regional level (SIRC) - Shri.AVNS Nageswara Rao (Chairman - SIRC) and Shri.B.R.Prabhakar (Secretary - SIRC). It was a nicely arranged function in the Woodlands Hotel, Bangalore.

Before the function started, those who were present in the venue paid our respect to Shri.A.V.Ramana Rao (the past President of the ICWAI), who passed away recently.

I had the previlege of meeting 2 known personalities (Shri.GNV & Shri.BM Sharma) and congratulating them in person. I had met Shri.GNV several times and his simplicity and smiling face are his trademark. Though senior by age, he is young at heart. He remembered my email to him and thanked me. So nice of him.

I had interacted with Shri.BM Sharma over mail and met him for the first time. He is simple with a smiling face and a very young personality with lot of knowledge. He specialises in indirect taxation and his expertise will bring more strength on the tables of the ICWAI. Next year, he will be the President and with GST on the cards (hopefully), we can expect more!! I was thrilled to hear Shri.Om Prakash (the immediate past Chairman of the SIRC of ICWAI) asking how I become popular? I was shocked and asked him why - he said the VP asked him whether Gopala Ramanan is coming today or not. I never expected this. Thanks to Shri.BM Sharma for remembering me.

To know more about the President & Vice President please CLICK HERE.

The function was to start by 7.00 pm and close for Dinner at 8.00pm. The function indeed started at 7.00pm and went steadily till 9.30pm and was forced to close. Lot of well wishers were there to felicitate the newly elected teams - both at the Central and the Regional level. One of the oldest members (young at heart at 90 years) made his way to the podium and felicitated the new team. It was a hard decision to stop the members to make sure that the President, Vice President of the Institute, Chairman of SIRC and the Secretary of the SIRC also share their moments.

Though my interaction with Shri.AVNS Nageswara Rao was very less, I heard a lot about him. Shri.B.R.Prabhakar is a known person and I was surprised when everyone was praising him for his knowledge in Sankrit & Carnatic Music. It is a gift.

I met Dr.I.Ashok (Vice Chairman - SIRC) and the Treasurer of SIRC. The Chairman of the SIRC of ICSI, Shri.Gopalakrishna Hegde, past Chairman of Bangalore chapter, Shri.Dattatraya Joshi were also present and spent some time with them too. It so coincided, that the coming Wednesday (12th) again I will be meeting the ICSI team on their Annual Day in the same venue.

Shri.M.R.Krishnamurthy, Chairman of the Bangalore Chapter of ICWAI, chaired the function. Shri.N.Shiv Kumar , Secretary of the Bangalore Chapter proposed the vote of thanks.

I met the other Bangalore Chapter committee members, Shri, M.R.Krishnamurthy, Shri.N.Shiv Kumar, Shri.A.V.Jayarama, Shri.Y.H.Anegundi, Ms.Geetha and some senior members in the profession, Shri.Ramamirtham, Shri.R.Parthasarathy.

Shri.Sitaram & Shri.Kumar of the Bangalore Chapter were running around to see that everything is in order.

Though the meeting ended an hour and a half late, it was worth a wait. The meeting followed by a sumptuous supper, (traditional south Indian food on a plantain leaf) by Woodlands hotel.

It was a wonderful evening in toto.



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Great summarisation.

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