Where are the young voters?

I was too much disappointed with the low turnout for the voting in Bangalore. The Jaago Re! One Billion Votes, campaign is not necessary for such a poor turnout. The educated mass are in Bangalore and where did we go. Some offices gave holiday on Thursday to enable their staff to cast the vote. But I know most of them took off on Friday and went on holiday.

In today's media world, they always interview youngsters and professionals and seek their views on what needs to be done to make India a better country. We all speak good
English and give lectures. But when it comes to election, we back out.

Of course, i do not have demography of those voted, but wherever I went, I could see elders outnumbering young blood in some of the polling booths. This is the time India needs young bloods to get into politics and change it. But if they
don't even make an attempt to go and cast their vote, how will they change the country. We will end up with politician with 60 +yrs representing us.

We all know that an Independent candidate cannot make much dent into the political system. But if the person is too good and straightforward, he can do a bit!

That said, there are many reasons cited for not voting:

  1. Name not there in the list - We were given so many opportunities to check the voter's list. But we will see only on the polling date.
  2. My name is in different state. But it would not make a difference, as anyway you are not there in the numbers.
  3. Forms filed well in time, but the officials lost it. I attended a session in IIM-B yesterday (25th April), wherein they said, a discussion is going on to get some penalty for the officials (if we show the acknowledgment) and getting the name included.
While the list will go long, I wanted to share some news to all those in Bangalore. The election commission is working with Bangalore-One to collect the application for the voter's list and issuance of EPIC. They feel that this is a routine work and not a work only during election times. So please make use of it.

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