The moral of the story is.....DO NOT IGNORE TEETHING PROBLEM !

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Teething problem - You can hear this everywhere when someone starts something new. What "teeth" has got to do with this? Why they use this term in any project?

A child while getting the initial teeth set will get pain and suffer. Same way, any initial pains/challenges during the project is termed as Teething Problem.

Teeth are very important from a beauty, pronunciation and health perspective. Without teeth you cannot bite the food and cut to pieces or grind them to have a good digestion.

Who guards the teeth? The mouth covering from outside. But the gums are the one which holds them in good position and safeguards the roots.

It is our primary duty to keep our gums and teeth properly guarded. Else, we will be loosing our beauty, speech, health. Do you know? tooth decay can lead to heart disease, diabetes etc.,

There are links between periodontal disease and a number of other problems, including:
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Premature birth
What's behind the links? Experts can't say for certain, but they believe that oral bacteria can escape into the bloodstream and injure major organs.
Such is the danger of infected gums..Gingivitis, plague can ruin your health and may lead to fatal death, if unattended.
Preserve your gum, do not ignore the bleeding in the gum. It may be an indication. Consult your dentist. Use good fluoride based paste. 

Some dental tips:
  • Avoid sweets. If you take, brush immediately.
  • Do not ignore bleeding in the gums.
  • Use mouthwash (if possible brush) after meals
  • Brush in the morning and before going to bed.
  • Have regular check up done with your dentist.

Teeth are not only useful for us, but also for animals, reptiles etc., Once there was a snake in a village and it hiss and bite the passer-by. The villagers decided to get rid of the snake. But snake is regarded as a holy reptile. So, the decided to take it teeth out. After taking the teeth the snake never came out to trouble the villagers. So, kids started throwing stones at the snake and it was hurt and weak. Once a sage passed by the snake and the snake requested the sage to save the life. The sage said, since your teeth are gone, you cannot bite anyone and  pass on the poison. But you can hiss and chase them out. From that day the snake started hissing and chased people out, when they come near to hurt. It realized the importance of teeth that day!
God has given us beautiful set of teeth and let us preserve it. The moral of the story is.......decide quickly, which one?


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