Economic Times - Running out of articles?

Today I am surprised to see the Economic Times carrying the same articles the successive days (3rd Feb 2011 & 4th Feb 2011). Are they running out of articles, as the words remain intact, the pictures have changed.

Today morning, when I read these pages, I thought I am reading yesterday's paper and checked the date. It is 4th Feb 2011. Then i checked yesterday's paper and found the same articles. I cant believe Economic times can do like this, with its popularity. I am a regular reader of Economic Times and I have not seen such things.

Here are the links:
Heard on the street (Page 12)

VIX retreating to 3-yr low is fastest-growing options bet (page 12)
3rd Feb article repeated on 4th Feb 2011

BHARTI - Co dials the right number with Africa ops  (Page 13)
3rd Feb article repeated on 4th Feb 2011 - (Ranjit Shinde)

Hope the editorial team has noticed it and see whether they come with some clarification.



school to work on Feb 6, 2011, 8:29:00 PM said...

ET commits many typo and other silly mistakes as well... I feel sad to notice such lapses. Probably, they are at their peak of Complacency... with entry into TV network & the likes

Anonymous said...

Yes..not even an apology or a mention about the goof-up.

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