Brouhaha over hike in Fuel price

Find below, one of my friends letter to the editors. Soon, you may see in the newspapers.
The State Sales tax levied on petroleum products consumes close to 35% of the end consomer price in the State of Karnataka. The same is as low as 9% in the State of Haryana.
There is a huge discrepancy in the Local Sales Tax rates between States, which should be addressed by the Central Government. Petrol price at Bangalore is costlier by Rs 6 when compared to say Faridabad. 
Why does nobody blame the State Governments for high fuel price especially when the citizens see no commensurate benefit by way of infrastructure etc. Let the same Opposition party that walked out of the Parliament on Budget day do something for the people of Karnataka where its a ruling party. Why is there a big brouhaha over levy of Central excise duty which is paltry compared to the State Sales Tax and local levies. If the State Government is serious in curbing inflation this is the right time to do it by rationalizing the local tax structure.
Yours Truly,
Arvind Kamath


Anonymous said...

Very very valid thought! Probably the decision makers of these policies are insulated from these price rises & hence are neither affected nor bothered about it.It is only common people like us who suffer!

What do you say Mr. Yedurappa??

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