Constructive feedbacks !!


It is really nice to get feedbacks and if you are open-minded, you will get more suggestions. I had many suggestions during the course of this one year of my blogging:

  1. Write the blogs in a masked name

  2. Write on something which is of recent happening

  3. Write on the recent economic situations

  4. Write on Stock market basics

  5. Write on certain financial jargons (to make life easy)
I tried my best to take note of these suggestions and impelemented the same.

Recently, one of my well wishers (my name sake), suggested to write on simple topics which is of importance to everyone! Sounded resonable to me. I took the advise of my friend to write in a masked name (refer 1 above) and am writing there, venting out my feelings and thoughts on the day to day matters. Now, for some of the general matters, I can write in this blog itself. I have created a separate tag called "Random" meaning random thoughts - Ranging from Health, Sports, Job Market etc.,!

Thanks to all for giving me the feedback and suggestions - Keep suggesting me.

Am feeling happy that I am being a consultant on blog designing to a 5th person ! (The funniest part is I am not a tech person :-D )



Anonymous said...

Marvelous. I expect more from you on the health and job market.
Best regards,

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