Do return on Investments have link to the Moon phase?

Read an article on the link between moon phase and the return on investment. Sounds silly. Here you go....

Macquaire Securites team of 14 senior market analysts scrutinised the data of 32 leading indices around the world. The data pertains to few decades (since 1988).

The finding : A strong surge in returns was seen leading into the turn of the month.

It means, the 2 days on either side of the new month represent most of the Positive returns on equity markes for next four weeks. Of the 32 markets studied, ALL showed higher than average returns around the turn of the month and for many of the markets, the average return for the rest of the month was BELOW or close to ZERO.

Not only this, the stock market has got into the beliefs of astronomy and vaastu saastra. There are so many astrological predictions done for the day's trading. Bejan Daruwalla's Ganesha Speaks in MoneyControl is a classic example of linking the market hour-wise and predicting with the move in the planetary positions.

I can relate to what my father used to say, whenever I invest in anything. Do it after during the New Moon day and not after the Full Moon day. The reason is..when the moon start growing, it will give better result and your investment will grow. It was sounding bit odd and silly for me, when he used to say this. But, with the recent study, I cannot question his belief.

Sounds interesting! Let us watch this phenomena.



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