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I need to thank you for all your support and feedback, without which I would not have taken so much enthusiasm in blogging. It is all because of you, the ranking has gone up from 49 to 73! Normally in any ranking, lower the better. But in's is higher the better. We have suggested to change the name to IndiScore, so that people can understand it better.

I got feedback from many saying that a weekly or fortnightly digest of all that happens around the world in the field of Finance, Economy, Stock Market, Money Market etc., by way of a digest. I thought weekly is a good one, thought fortnightly is better for me in terms of collating the data. Again, any news that is delayed is not an information. So, I decided to start with a weekly digest, which will be published every weekend.

I am not going to write too much on the subjects in the Weekly Digest, but give a preamble and then give the links for further reading, if you are interested in the subject.

Again, I request you to come with a name for the weekly digest. and also the categories of news that you would like to have in it. You can send in your suggestions to or mention in the comments. The name of the person, whose suggestion is taken will be mentioned separately in the blog, above the box showing the Indiblogger ranking.

Here is the first posting on the weekly digest:

(a) G20 - Pittsburgh

G20 sets course to avoid another global financial crisis

The third G20 summit since the global financial crisis unfolded a year ago concluded with a long statement from leaders that committed to continue economic stimulus spending until signs of "durable" economic recovery emerged. For further reading

Singh is King
The Indian mindset places excessive emphasis on protocol, which is often mistaken for substantive policy upgrades. Witness the preening in some quarters over Prime Minister Manmohan Singh being the first state guest at the Obama White House come November. For further reading

For more news on G20 - CLICK HERE

(b) Investing in Silver is better than Gold
When your books on sensible investing sell over 26 million copies and when not one, not two but three of them appear on the 10 best sellers list simultaneously in top newspapers, you surely know more than a thing or two about investing. Hence, when Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the hugely popular Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books and the man we are referring to, spoke about his favorite investment recently; we thought it worthwhile to share the same with you. And guess what, his favorite investment is neither stocks nor gold, asset classes that are immensely popular with other investors currently. Instead, Kiyosaki lists silver as his favorite investment.

There could be some merit in his argument. After all, in addition to being a storehouse of just as gold, silver's growing use in industries such as superconductors and microcircuits, is leading to more and more demand being created while the supply remains constrained. Hence, this could lead to prices of silver growing at a faster pace than that of gold in the future, making it a better investment than gold.

However, this is not the only asset class that Kiyosaki is bullish on. He also likes real estate as unlike stocks where investors get no leverage, buying real estate does involve debt and hence, even a small rise in real estate values could lead to a significant jump in the return that an investor earns from it. However, as Kiyosaki rightly points out, if you are playing a game of debt, you've got to be a lot smarter than the average bear out there. Source :

(c) Warren Buffett says
"First, beware of companies displaying weak accounting. If a company still does not expense options, or if its pension assumptions are fanciful, watch out. When managements take the low road in aspects that are visible, it is likely they are following a similar path behind the scenes. There is seldom just one cockroach in the kitchen." Source :

(d) Indian Investment Network
Indian Investment Network, an online platform connecting entrepreneurs seeking business funding with angel investors looking to invest venture capital. is a web-based matching service for angel investors seeking investment opportunities and entrepreneurs seeking capital. This website is owned by Angel Investment Network Ltd, a London-based investment company founded in 2004. For further reading

(e) No salary, yet Anil Ambani India's top paid
Anil may have foregone salary or commissions for 2008-09 as part of austerity measures, yet a pay package of over Rs 52 crore -- as sitting fees and previous-year payments -- has made industrialist Anil Ambani the country's top-paid executive for the year. For further reading Source : ZeeNews

(f) Roadblocks in GST: some states oppose giving up local taxes
The Centre's efforts to introduce the proposed Goods and Services Tax from April 1 next year has hit roadbolocks as some states do not want local levies like purchase tax and octroi merged in the new indirect tax. For further reading. Source : ZeeNews

(g) How does a stock exchange function?
It is said that to be really successful in life, you need to have your fundamentals strong. But how many of us actually sit down and try to find answers to basic questions related to whatever we are interested in? For example, how many investors who play the markets regularly actually know what a stock exchange is, how did it come into being and its importance? For further reading. Source:

Hope you will enjoy reading these articles. Based on the feedback and suggestions, let us design the further updates.

Hoping to hear from you! Have a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

I am a regular visitor to your blog. It is very informative. This step of providing a digest will help many people like me, who do not know what is happening around the world. Thanks for providing us the facility.
with warm regards, C.Sekar.

Anonymous said...

Weekly digest is absolutely informative, many thanks to you for this excellent move. I am more interest on this kind of information. Please keep up the good work sirji!

Many thanks & Regards
Mahesh B

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